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(Halloween slideshow (mixed))

I've been playing around with Halloween props and decorating since some time in the mid 90's.  Each year I try to make it a little different and keep people guessing at what I'm going to do next.  This site is where I share ideas, post pictures of my work and let everyone take a sneak peek at what I am up to.

For those of you who see this website and wonder why someone would go to the trouble to decorate for Halloween like I do read this and find out what it means to be a kid again.  If you find this website entertaining let me know - it motivates me to keep it updated!  If you end up being inspired to create something, please let me know and send some pictures!

Follow your dreams - you never know where they might lead you


What's New?

bullet 9/1/2010 - Working on getting the website updated with new content.

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