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Grave Jumper/Barrel Pop-Up Plans

I've spent a few years designing and refining the basic platform that I use for building my pop-ups.  I have worked with many materials and have settled on PVC as my medium of choice because it is very light weight, relatively cheap and can be submerged in water.

This Barrel Pop-Up works just as well hidden behind a shrub or grave stone as it does in a barrel. The prop runs on less than 60 PSI and is very easy to set up and store once you have it built.   The cost to build the basic unit is about $45.00. With motion sensor and solenoid it's about $100.00.  You dress it in any store bought costume!

I've put together a detailed set of plans so you can construct your own grave jumper for Halloween.

The plans come with a complete shopping list, assembly instructions and tips & tricks for making this one of the most fun Halloween props you will ever own.

I purchase all of the parts at my local hardware store.  Depending on the building codes in your state, you may have trouble finding the thin wall PVC in which case you will have to modify the design to make use of whatever you can get your hands on locally (or order it on-line).


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