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Animated Bats

Bottom view

I bought 3 of these little flying bats at one of the local department stores.  They look a little cheesy in the light, but once they're flying and the lights get dimmed, they are pretty cool.

I paid about $7.00 each for them

bat_bottom.jpg (25064 bytes)
Front view

Like I said, they're kind of cheesy in the light.

This picture shows the little LED eyes glowing.  I personally don't care too much for the LEDs, but the kids seem to think they're cool, so I left them hooked up.  The bats run for about 4 hours before they start loosing their ability to "fly".

bat_front.jpg (35149 bytes)
Side view

Once the wings are going it starts to look a little better.  At this point it's just hanging there and not flying in a circle.

bat_right.jpg (36831 bytes)
Here it is cruising around in a circle.  You can get an idea of what kind of effect it has from this picture.  The small black triangle you see attached to the ceiling is where the bat's line is attached.  By varying the height and length of string, you can get 3 bats to look like they're randomly flying about.  It's hard to see a pattern when everything is going on. bat_flight1.jpg (32002 bytes)
Another shot of it flying around near the ceiling.

I ran this one for about 4 hours before it stopped going around in a circle and just flapped it's wings.  By 5 hours it stopped flapping...  I went through a lot of batteries on Halloween night.

If I have time, I'd like to try wiring them up to a DC power pack so I don't have to keep buying batteries.  But, I haven't taken the time to figure out the rotating contacts (i.e. I haven't gone looking for potential sources yet).  For now they work fine and are very easy to set up.

bat_flight2.jpg (24925 bytes)

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