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Map of Oregon region with member locations













Vernonia, OR (Brian N.)

Vancover, WA (Dennis)



Pendleton, OR (Mike L, Steve T)





Lafayette, OR (Mike P)

Aloha, Beverton, OR (Daniel, Harald, Kip, Denny A)

Portland,Oregon City, Estacada, Welches, Milwaukee OR (Paul, Brad, Dennis D & Jerry, Shawn, John B)

The Dalles, OR (LouAnna, Norman)








Salem, OR (James P, Jeff B, Simon)





Haynes, OR (Bo)




Corvallis, OR (David F)

Lyons, OR (Thomas B)










Eugene/Springfield & Creswell, OR (Gary, Becky, David, Debbie, Robert, Denny, Michael, Linda, Kerry, Henry, Larry, Jim, Kymm)


Redmond & Bend, OR (Dan B, Randi, Scott P, Bill & Marty)







Reedsport, OR (Fred)











Oakland, OR (Lee)










Eagle Point, OR (Thomas B)









Grants Pass, OR (Ron)

Shady Cove, OR (Alfred)











Klamath Falls, OR (Scott)

















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